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Why you should come to Tartu college?

Tartu college is a small part of the Faculty of Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology located in southern Estonia. The best engineering education in Estonia can only be obtained from Tallinn University of Technology and therefore it is the best choice for a person who thinks constructively and logically. Why not enjoy this great education in Southern Estonia - away from the noise of the capital.

Our college is an attractive learning environment where we all know each other. The limited number of students, or rather the lack of crowds, gives the opportunity to treat students personally. This means that if there are twenty people in the auditorium instead of a hundred, the quality of education is significantly higher.

Tartu college of Tallinn University of Technology:

  • provides sustainable and recognized technical higher education
  • taught by specialists in their field
  • smaller groups of students
  • cooperates with companies in the south Estonian region and with other schools/universities in Tartu
  • works closely with the other faculties of Tallinn University of Technology.

Make a smart choice and come to Tartu college. We are all waiting for you!

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