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Lecture recordings offer faculty the opportunity to review their lectures, perform analysis, and utilize them as teaching materials in their e-courses. For students, lecture recordings serve as valuable resources to catch up on missed classes or revisit previously covered topics. By providing efficient support for learning, lecture recordings enhance both the understanding and delivery of the subject matter.


The Educational Technology Centre currently supports three options for recording lectures: Echo360, Extron SMP-351, and manual recording.

Echo360 is an automated lecture recording platform integrated into the room's video and audio system. It captures the computer screen, stationary camera feed, and faculty's voice. The recordings are processed in a cloud service and shared with the responsible faculty as a link. Please find more detailed information HERE.

The Extron SMP-351 is another option for recording lectures. It captures the entire study session, including the computer screen, audio, faculty's voice, and video, saving it as a video file on a portable storage device such as a USB memory device. Additionally, it allows for real-time broadcasting of the recorded content on platforms like YouTube.

For optimal results, full-length lectures are best recorded in auditoriums equipped with either Echo360 or Extron SMP-351 devices. However, if necessary, our team can visit other rooms and manually record the lecture using our equipment. Nonetheless, we recommend the manual recording method for creating shorter and pre-planned video tutorials.


  • Main Building: U03-103; U05-103; U06a-201; U06a-229
  • Energy Building: NRG-131
  • Social Sciences Building: SOC-209; SOC212; SOC308
  • Information Technology Building: ICT-121; ICT-122; ICT-315; ICT-501
  • IT College: ICO-217; ICO-219; ICO-221; ICO-314; ICO-316; ICO-317; ICO-319; ICO-410
  • School of Science: SCI-109


•    Teaching and Learning lab U06-401
•    EMA: EM-222, EM-322a, EM-322b;
•    EMA Centre for Blue Economy Conference Hall 213 (Kuressaare)


    The Educational Technology Centre multimedia specialists will assist in case of questions Kirke Liis Paur ja Joonas Hendrik Kokamägi