Tallinn University of Technology

The Teaching and Learning Lab (U06-401) is an experimental auditorium at TalTech that provides a contemporary learning environment, supporting the use of various innovative learning scenarios. The lab allows for diversifying both classroom work and creating content for e-learning courses. Active learning methods can be implemented, and if necessary, the entire study work can be audio and video recorded.

The Teaching and Learning Lab also plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of teaching. We offer faculty members the opportunity to record their teaching activities. With the cameras in the room, it is possible to capture the activities of both the faculty and the students, along with suitable microphone solutions to record the audio of the study work. Later, the teacher has the option to analyze the recording, with the possibility of involving an academic mentor or a specialized didactician if needed.

Depending on the nature of the activity, the Teaching and Learning Lab can accommodate 20-30 students. The lab offers flexible usage of its space and technological solutions tailored to the needs of the faculty or the option to choose from five pre-set usage scenarios.

It is possible to use two screens with interactive projectors when conducting a lecture in the Teaching and Learning Lab. One screen, for example, can display the image from a computer on-site, while the other screen can display the image from a portable device (laptop, smart device), or the image from a document camera. The screen located at the back of the room can be used as a confidence monitor. When implementing active learning methods, student responses to questions can be recorded using a throwable microphone (CatchBox) or a handheld microphone. The lecture can be recorded for the creation of teaching materials and for conducting learning analysis.

The seminar scenario allows for the utilization of all screens on the wall, ensuring that everyone can comfortably follow the presentation, regardless of the seating arrangement. Group microphones or CatchBoxes can be used to engage the audience.

The Teaching and Learning Lab can facilitate group work with up to five groups, each consisting of five members. Each group is provided with a large group screen where they can display images from their own portable devices (laptop, Android, or iOS device). Additionally, the group screens can also display the image from the instructor's device, which is typically projected on the front wall using a projector in a regular classroom setup. This allows each group member to choose the most comfortable screen to follow the explanations and materials presented by the instructor.

Using the control panel, the instructor can easily determine which image is displayed on each screen, including the option to showcase a group's screen image to all other screens in the room during their presentation. The group work can be recorded for the purpose of conducting study analysis. In addition to recording the instructor's audio, the audio of the group making a presentation can also be recorded using group microphones.

Video tutorials are an integral component of contemporary e-learning, particularly when implementing the flipped classroom method. This method empowers students to independently acquire a portion of the material at home, often through video content, which would typically be presented by the faculty in a traditional classroom setting. This approach allows for more classroom time dedicated to hands-on learning and practical application of knowledge.

The Teaching and Learning Lab offers the capability to create two types of video tutorials:

  • Lecture recording: In this scenario, students are present in the classroom, and the faculty delivers the material using selected tools while the lecture is recorded.
  • Video tutorial creation: Alternatively, the faculty can utilize the Teaching and Learning Lab alone, without students, to record video tutorials using specially prepared materials. This setup enables the simultaneous recording of the faculty's presentation and the screen content.

Video conferencing as part of the learning process provides the opportunity to involve professionals working in the field or colleagues from other universities. The Teaching and Learning Lab is equipped with software-based video conferencing solutions (Zoom.us, MS Teams). Video conferencing can accommodate up to 20 learners. Learners can be engaged using a throwable microphone or group microphones.

On-site, the following equipment is available for use:

  • Two interactive presentation screens: Both the local computer and the faculty's personal device can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Group work screens: The ability to conduct group work with up to five groups of five members each and display different content on each screen from the students' devices.
  • Document camera
  • Recording cameras
  • Audio system and microphones (CatchBox, handheld microphone, lapel microphone, head microphone, group microphones)
  • Video conferencing software (Zoom, MS Teams)

If needed, an educational technologist can assist with the use of these tools.

How to book?

To reserve a space in the Teaching and Learning Lab, you can either book a time slot through Outlook calendar by searching for the room U06-401, or send an email to metoodikalabor@taltech.ee.