Tallinn University of Technology


You can request video services from TalTech's Educational Technology Center. Completed projects can be viewed on the center's YouTube page. Creating educational videos to support academic instruction is free within the university, while other cases are subject to pricing as per the price list.


Auditoriums equipped with Echo360 devices are the ideal choice for recording full-length lectures. We are also available to record in other rooms if needed. For more detailed information about lecture recording and rooms with recording capabilities, please refer to THIS LINK.


An educational video is a carefully crafted and concise presentation. Depending on the objective, it can take the form of a short lecture, a video tour of an industrial facility, a demonstration of an experiment or process, an interview, and more. We offer assistance in script development, recording, and post-production.


We provide live video streaming services for lectures, conferences, information sessions, and more. We predominantly utilize the YouTube platform for streaming purposes. The simplest setup involves alternating between a single camera view and presentation slides. If required, we can utilize multiple cameras and provide professional direction.


We offer promotional videos for upcoming events or aftermovies. Additionally, we create introductions for training programs, courses, curricula, and other customized solutions.

You need video service?

Please inform us of your requirements and feel free to reach out for futher assistance. Our team members, Kirke Liis Paur and Joonas Hendrik Kokamägi are here to help.