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Where to go

Erasmus Partner Universities

Erasmus+ programme is the most popular within TalTech students. See what partner universities your School and Study Programme has to offer!

Erasmus partner universities

Bilateral Agreements

TalTech has several partner universities which are located outside of European Union. See what countries and universities are listed below!

Bilateral Agreements


Additionally, TalTech students who are studying in the field of architecture or engineering can apply for studies abroad within NORDTEK network.


Exchange students' story

Helena shares her experience of exchange studies in Southern Utah University in USA.
From finding university in her selected destination and scholarships, she shares also her concerns and delights that she experienced as an exchange student.

Why study abroad?

  • Get a Unique Educational Experience

  • Become More Independent and get to know yourself better

  • Experience Abroad Looks Attractive on Your Resume

  • Improve Your Language Skills

  • Learn About Different Cultures and Make Friends from Around the World