Tallinn University of Technology
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Founded in 1918, TalTech is the sole technological university in Estonia. It is also the most international university in Estonia. TalTech is a research-based university offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in technology, applied science, IT, business and maritime studies. Renewed study programmes that target the needs of the labour market make TalTech graduates the expected experts.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is TalTech's largest faculty. The graduates are true engineers, inventors, innovators and leaders who shape the future technologies. Here you will learn to notice the changing needs of people and to create new opportunities using the latest innovation of technology.


School of Information Technologies

Two out of three IT talents in Estonia come from TalTech School of Information Technologies. The curricula in the School of IT are designed to combine both academic and practical aspects and focus on the most current topics. 


School of Science

The solutions behind the great challenges of the 21st century – climate change, environmental protection, carbon neutrality, renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, etc. - lie at the heart of science. Our graduates are the ones who may hold the sustainable future of the Earth!

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School of Business and Governance

TalTech School of Business and Governance is the leader in Estonian business, economics and econometrics and governance education. We provide interdisciplinary education with a good blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


Estonian Maritime Academy

The Estonian Maritime Academy is the only competence center of its kind in Estonia that provides multi-level maritime education and conducts professional research. We contribute with high-tech tools to first-class education, while keeping dignified maritime traditions alive.



About TalTech

Creators of digital innovations, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is leading Estonia and the world towards a sustainable digital future with confidence. As a leader in science, technology, and innovation, the school maintains constant interaction with universities around the world, bringing together scientists, students, and entrepreneurs. TalTech is also the most international university in Estonia. Of the nearly 10,000 enrolled students, approximately 16% come from more than 100 different countries across the globe.

The university-wide initiative TalTechDigital implements new digital solutions for studying, research and the entire university campus.The Smart City Centre of Excellence established in 2020 brings the top expertise in smart urban space solutions to Taltech and makes the University’s compact and beautiful campus in the near future one of the smartest campuses in the world.

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